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March 16th March 16, 2011

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Don’t Keep Exotic Animals as Pets

Over the last decade it has become fashionable to keep exotic animals as pets. These animals, snatched by the thousands drom their natural habitats and carried to the other end of the world, end up on captivity, where they usually survive for a short time, being suited neither to their new climate nor to life out of the wild. The black market for exotics has devastated the populations od some unfortunate species. The highly sought-after horned parrot of New Caledonia, for example, has been the victim of ferocious poaching: only 1,700 remain in the wild. Similarly, there are more tigers in captivity than living in the wild, and only a small percentage are those in zoos the rest live in circuses, roadside menageries, big-cat rescues, and in backyards, as pets.

Think carefully before imprisoning a languid iguana or a brilliantly colored parrot in your home

Also, please be very aware of the harm that circuses cause. Last year many of our students wrote to PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) to thank them for the work they do. They learned about how animals are mistreated, many times taken from their natural habitat to be put in cages for entertainment. One way of helping exotic animals is not endorsing circuses. Please watch:


2 Responses to “March 16th”

  1. Lilián Says:

    I completely agree and I only wish circuses with animals would be prohibited worldwide.
    I think many persons think owning an exotic pet is cute or extraordinary, they want to impress their friends and neighbors, without realizing the harm they are doing to both the animal and the planet.

  2. Lilián Says:

    Keep writing, I applaud your effort!

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