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A Return to My Blog…. February 23, 2011

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First of all I would like to apologize to all of you who accessed my blog hoping to find new posts and didn’t. I initially thought my blog would be a great way to comunicate issues pertaining to the environment, and it was! I posted about coastal clean-up day, about the dangers of processed food, etc. However, I find that I was limiting myself to ONLY talk about environmental and global issues, when what we really need to be reading about is all the things our school and STUDENTS are doing to help the environment. That’s why I’ve decided to start writing as much as I can about school activities so that parents can be aware of everything their children are practicing and learning. Of course, I’ll always be true to my tree-hugging nature, so I’ve decided to start a segment called “Every-day ways to help our planet”. I’ll try to post a new idea everyday so that we can all gradually change our habits to better respect the environment. So with that, I’ll leave you for now, telling you to expect more posts this week. I will remain committed to informing everyone about our every-day lives her at British American Institute, and if you have any suggestions feel free to let me know. See you soon!


World No Tobacco Day! May 31, 2010

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Every year on May 31st the world celebrates No Tobacco Day. This celebration was created by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 1987. Its purpose is to encourage people to avoid tobacco, at least for this 24-hour period. The WHO wants to warn people of the dangers of tobacco consumption. Tobacco is responsible for 5.4 million deaths every year globally. That’s more than HIV/AIDS, Malaria, and Tuberculosis combined. Please, if you or someone you know smokes, encourage them to stop. Social smoking is not an excuse, because social cancer will kill you just as easily as regular cancer.


The Official Blog of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency April 23, 2010

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Please take a moment to check out this blog, the official blog of the EPA. The author, Nicole Riesling, is also an intern at the Office of Children’s Health Protection.

One interesting quote

The two natural resources that are perhaps most tapped by meat manufacturing are land and water. According to the British group, VegFarm, a 10-acre piece of land can feed 60 people when used for the production of soybeans, 24 people when used for wheat, 10 people when used for corn, and only a mere 2 people when used for cattle. Similarly, the amount of water used is severely disproportional when comparing wheat to meat. In a book written by Paul and Anne Ehrlich, one pound of wheat uses approximately 60 pounds of water while one pound of meat requires about 2,500 to 6,000 pounds of water.

Check out her blog HERE.


Earth Fair 2010! April 17, 2010

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Come this Sunday, April 18th to Balboa Park to enjoy Earth Fair! The yearly event features music, free food, entertainment, literature, activities, everything you can think of! This year will mark the 20th anniversary of this event. And the two best parts are:

1. It’s Free

2. I’ll be volunteering at the Animal Protection and Rescue League Booth!

Come join us for a fun, educational event.

Check out:



Welcome to my Eco-Blog! March 23, 2010

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Welcome to my blog! As many of you know, I feel very passionately about ecology and conscientious consuming. This blog will be a valuable resource, helping me share with you very important information. Taking care of our planet is something we should all care greatly about, and to be able to do so we must first start taking care of ourselves. Nowadays, a great majority of the food we eat is processed food, and many people don’t even have the slightest idea what they’re putting into their body. My goal is to help everyone become fully aware of the ramifications and consequences of their actions. Before you purchase something, you should be aware of where it came from, who made it, what it’s packaged in, and what it’s made of. As consumers we have been at the mercy of large companies and their advertising power, and have remained unawares for the longest time of a vast amount of healthy and eco-friendly options out there. Please feel free to send any questions or comments my way. If you need help with anything revolving around your health or your carbon footprint- say, for example, choosing the best bio-degradable laundry detergent, ways of saving gas on the road, or you need healthy options of what to serve at a birthday party- I will be happy and eager to help. Namaste.